Themed Clubs

Themed Clubs

Headed out for the evening? Why not take a look at some themed clubs and bars for an interesting and unusual experience. Each theme bar offers an interesting perspective and dining experience. Here is a list of a few unusual themed bars from around the world:

French theme

Volupte is a French themed club in London which takes you back to the 1920s and 1940s. The homemade food is mouth watering and coupled with the cabaret and entertainment it calls for an exciting night ahead.

Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf in Chicago – the French-themed steakhouse offers two levels of dining experience. The lower level has a funky theme and the music varies from French house  to jazz and hip-hop. The choice of drinks includes French cognac, French wines and French beers.

Bistronomic on the Goal Coast has a an interesting concept – a bar tucked within the main bar. Wining pleasures include signature cocktails with French spirits like Chambord, Pernod and Lillet Blanc. Most o look out for is the Brunch with bottomless Mimosas and Croque Madames.

Italian theme

Bunga Bunga is a hilarious theme club in London with an Italian twist. Highlights are a Eurovision song contest with a Eurovision karaoke!

Inspiring themes

The Roadhouse bar with the flashy neon lights, mobikes, and red leathered booths is a typical American roadhouse theme. Coupled with a stage and party DJs, it is a great place for a night out.

SimmonS in London has a quirky interior and eccentric cocktail menu to match. Added to this are dessert cocktails for sugary delicious drinks in cute teacups.

The train-carriage theme in London, with a whole host of shadowy foliage thrown in creates a unique atmosphere.

A few unusual bars that serve exotic and unusual food as well are mentioned here.

Euro chic theme

The London Club was designed to introduce a little bit of euro chic to a burgeoning and dynamic precinct.

A funky venue, with a beautiful themed interior and a sprawling deck outside. The cuisine is Euro Chic and the club serves delicious Tapas and Mains Tuesday to Sunday. The drinks menu is packed full of Fine Wines, Imported Spirits, French champagne, over 40 Australian Craft beers & Ciders and pages of impressive cocktails.

Unusual tattoos

Unusual Tattoo

A tattoo is a piece of art pierced on your skin. Most tattoos opted are black tattoos. However some people also go in for coloured tattoos. With improvements in this field, tattoos are no longer seen as a permanent fixture on your skin. It is not very difficult to remove a tattoo you have outgrown. Melbourne Tatt Removal uses Medlite C6 laser treatment to remove black as well as coloured tattoos.

“A great tattoo design combines aesthetic beauty with personal meaning, permanently displaying a piece of one’s personality or beliefs for the world to see.” The result of great design is based on the right foundation. It is necessary to research images that form the basis of the sketch. These images will guide the sketch. Once the images are available, you need to sketch the tattoo design or ask a tattoo artist to sketch it for you. If you want to make the tattoo by yourself just follow these steps. All depends on the skill set you have.  Once the sketch is final you can ask a tattoo artist to apply it on the body.

Here are some unusual tattoo designs that can be applied:

Animal Tattoos

There are some unusual animal tattoo designs that can be seen on the biceps and at the back. The bear tattoo, the tiger tattoo are the ones mostly seen on the arm and the back respectively.

Matching Tattoos

Half tattoos on either arm so that when both the arms are placed side by side the complete tattoo shows up. These tattoos are an indulgence of couples mostly. Some preferred designs are hearts with one half of each heart in each forearm.

Writers Tattoos

Using script like tattoos on the back shoulder and the wrists is another unusual tattoo design. Imagine finding an unexpected piece of literature on the arm of a person. These can range right from passages from Dickens inscribed on forearms, to illustrations from the pages of books such as “The Velveteen Rabbit”.

Pen tattoos

Pen tattoos right behind the year such that it looks like the pen is actually stuck there. Some other interesting tattoos of objects would be train tattoos, forks and knives tattoos etc.

Symbolic Tattoos

Tattoos of Gods, tattoos of various symbols are also picked up by the younger generation. Why would a person use a symbol for a tattoo. Symbols serve as a narrative for what we believe in. A symbol tattoo is our belief and faith in a concept they are also a guide for our lives. This spills over to moral conduct as well as general well being.

So go ahead and get yourself a unique tattoo that reflects your attitude!!

Interesting home improvement ideas

Home Improvement ideas

We all have our own ideas on how we want our dream home to look like. Some of us want a pool, some prefer to have an interesting porch while others my like a lush green garden.

Home improvements can range from minor changes to the exterior to major additions like a pool, multi-purpose furniture or additional storage. Take a look at some interesting concepts that you can use in your house:

Beach Sand under your work desk

Just imagine the feel of warm soft sand under your feet when you are working. Not only is it relaxing but also calming enough to make the most tedious of tasks enjoyable.

Staircase slide

For those with kids who have an excessive amount of energy. Think about a beautiful wooden spiral staircase with a slide running net to it. Imagine the fun kids and can have running up and sliding down. Whew! and it exercises those muscles too.

Dining cum pool table

Here is one more concept for the grown up kids. Get a dining table that converts into a pool table, when not in use for eating meals. A simple pull out with the fittings of a pool table, completely equipped with the pool balls and sticks. Eating can be fun you know.

Glass elevators

For the really grown up kids at heart especially those who do not want to take the stairs up and down – an elevator really works well. Think beautifully crafted glass doors that let you see as you move from the top to the ground floor. Grant Home Elevators as some nice contemporary range of elevators to choose from.

A misty garden look

Imagine sitting in a portion of the garden where you can see mist. Not feel the cold but just get a sense of misty. How Zen! Imagine a tree canopy, green eucalyptus plants around and mist to complete the Zen garden look. Imagine contemplating or even meditating in this Zen garden.

Hidden stair storage


To store all those additional once in a while usage stuff, think of adding drawers to the stairs going up. Adding drawers on the side lets you pull out the drawer without causing discomfort to anyone moving up and down the stairs. Avoids those sudden trips and bumps too. It is a great storage for kids and grownups. The bottom drawers can be used for storing everyday kids stuff especially outdoor stuff like balls rackets etc. The upper drawers can be used to store other stuff you hardly use and would like to keep out of reach from smaller children.